The True Purpose of Death Penalty

Communities raise voices against courts when they rule a death penalty over a criminal. Some people wish that the criminal is sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment. Many question the purpose of such a decision and if it serves anything or if of any purpose to both the criminal and the society. The question is supported and also opposed in different parts of the world with different groups giving different reasons to support their claim. However, the true purposes for a death penalty are:


1. It is a just judgment for a murder


Countries and societies have laws that guide the courts on their criminal penalty judgments. When a criminal commits a murder crime, then a death penalty will serve a fair and just judgment to the affected. Even though the murder criminal might not have done it intentionally when left to live the victim do not feel that justice has been done. It is argued that when one kills, he or she also do not deserve to live as a protection of the right to life of the victim.


2. Improves peace in the society


When a criminal is put into a death penalty, then they are eliminated from the list of criminals who existed prior to the act of the offense. Most of the criminals who are sentenced a death penalty show a record of having committed many kinds of crime as their lifestyle. Convicted criminals when put to a death penalty then the society lives in peace because of they no more.

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3. It sets an example for other real and potential criminal


Other criminals get afraid when they see their fellow going through the death process. Those that had trained and started crimes get terrified and choose to change. Even when young people who are potential criminals change their behavior and thoughts when they see someone going through a death penalty and thus get warned.


4. Acts as a revenge for the victim


The law does not allow a victim to ravage for themselves even however much it may be hurting to be victimized. This way the law offers death sentence judgment option to serve as payback on behalf of the victim. When a crime is committed and the criminal is identified, the victim wishes for a retribution but only the law offers that through a set penalty or sentence.


5. The criminal is punished for their crime


Lawbreakers and criminals have to be punished for their offenses. Death penalty offers a way of punishment to the criminal for a committed crime. It is an expectation of the society that criminals do not escape freely but they get the punishment they deserve as set by the law. Criminals in this way pay for their actions by losing their own life. Judges take their time to go through the pieces of evidence offered and carefully listen to the witnesses, analyze their statements before making any death penalty sentence. The person must be convicted and the crime is worthy as agreed by the law for a death penalty.